We are committed to bringing our clients the best out there, with specially curated workshops from top professionals in our industry. View some of what we will be announcing in the coming weeks, and please contact us with any specific workshops that you would like to see in the future!



Yoga for athletes is something that we are personally passionate about. The benefits for treating and preventing injury widely proven and studied. We are bringing in professionals in the industry to give a guided class, techniques for YFA, and techniques to bring with you to your next practice. Whether you are an athlete or just wanting to train like one, this workshop will have many useful takeaways.



Bringing in the breathmaster himself. This workshop will be focused on restorative breathing techniques that focus on maximizing all of your body’s functions.


Personal training and developing active range of motion

Tried and true, these experts will give you tools that you can bring with you on and off the mat to maximize your workout routine.


*Something else you want to see? Let us know below and we will do our best to bring it to the studio.